The purpose of this page is to archive all documents, reports, and resources created by PBPAC or its members for future reference. Please note that this is a work in progress and many documents and resources many be missing. If you have any questions or documents you wish to be included, please email

Presentation Recordings

Casco Bay Trail Alliance Presentation - Nancy Grant, Casco Bay Trail Alliance May 9, 2022

Portland to Auburn Rail Presentation - Grayson Lookner, State Representative August 8, 2022

East Coast Greenway / Casco Bay Bridge Redesign - Kristine Keeney, East Coast Greenway Alliance September 12, 2022

Walk & Ride Audits

"Better Bike Lanes" Project Ride Audit (January 16, 2022) - Presentation

Libbytown Walk Audit (February 13, 2022) - Report Video

Nason's Corner Walk Audit (March 3, 2022) - Report Video

Morrill's Corner Walk Audit (April 18, 2022) - Report (co-authored with Friends of Morrill's Corner)

Summer 2022 Councilor Ride Report (June 29, 2022)

Lambert Street Walk Audit (October 29, 2022) - Report

Official Group Letters

Public Comment on Shelter TDM Plan Addressed to the Planning Board - August 17, 2021

Public Comment on Hotel Valet Bike Parking at 477 Congress Street Addressed to the Planning Board - September 15, 2021

Public Comment on "Higher Quality Bike Lanes" Discussion Addressed to Sustainability & Transportation Committee - October 20, 2021

Bicycle & Pedestrian Coordinator Position Proposal Addressed to Finance Committee, Sustainability & Transportation Committee - March 5, 2022

Request for inclusion of additional Sidewalk Snow Plows in FY23 CIP Budget Addressed to City Council - March 18, 2022

Public Comment on Roux Institute Addressed to Planning Board - June 14, 2022

Request for inclusion of additional Sidewalk Snow Plows in FY24 CIP budget Addressed to City Manager, Mayor & City Council - October 11, 2022

Policy & Technical Documents

Parking Policy Proposal Co-Authored with Livable Portland - April 2022

Additional PBPAC Resources

PBPAC Bylaws - Last Amended July 11, 2022