Portland Bicycle &  Pedestrian Advisory Committee


PBPAC is an ad-hoc group of Portland area residents who work to make the city a better place to walk, bicycle, and wheelchair. 

We advocate and educate on bicycle, transit, and pedestrian issues, including handicap accessibility, with support from the city’s Healthy Portland office, and in collaboration with other offices and organizations including the Bicycle Coalition of Maine, Portland Trails, PACTS, the Department of Public Services and the Planning Department.

Members of the committee have varying reasons for involvement in the group, however, almost all use active transportation as their preferred (or only) way to get around the city. We believe improving conditions for non-vehicular modes of transportation is crucial in achieving the city and state’s climate goals, as well as making Portland a more equitable and enjoyable place to live.

Join the Discussion!

PBPAC meets monthly on the second Monday of the month.

Next Meeting: Monday, August 12, 2024 at 7PM
We will be meeting via Zoom, recurring Zoom link:

Agendas are posted the week prior to the meeting


Membership is open to any Portland resident. To become a member, attend your first meeting and declare your interest in joining the committee. Residents are eligible to vote beginning their second meeting attended.

Between meetings, discussion occurs on our Google Groups listserv. The listserv is open to anyone interested in discussing active transportation as it relates to Portland.

Recent Media Features

Our new website is still under construction, check back soon for more info about PBPAC, historical documents, and news on future events!